Uncommon Signs Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women; the common signs of breast cancer that every woman checks for is breast lumps or tumors. But apart from these common signs, there are also uncommon signs of breast cancer that we usually overlook. Having knowledge on these rare signs of breast cancer is always helpful for you. This avoids late diagnosis in advanced stages of cancer. Early detection helps to avoid extensive, painful treatments and also improves the quality of life by reducing the painful days that you suffer while undergoing cancer treatment.

Look for these rare signs of breast cancer

Pain in the upper back

If there is a sharp pain in the upper back that seems to originate from the deeper bones, then it could be an early sign of breast cancer. Remember! Not all upper back pains are considered to be the sign of breast cancer, the pain may also start due to any other underlying conditions.

If the pain subsides after performing stretching exercises or physiotherapy, then it would not be a breast cancer sign. Although if the pain remains as such even after physiotherapy then it could be a matter of concern.

Abnormal breast pain

Almost all the women feel the pain in their breast at some or the other time in their life. A general pain in the breasts during the menstruation can be normal. But if the pain is specific which is continuous can be an alarming sign of breast cancer. Therefore, you must first understand the difference between a normal pain and an abnormal one. This helps you identify the pain and lets you understand that you are in need of a medical attention.

Changes in the breast skin

Do check your breasts in the mirror for any changes in the breast skin. If you observe any sort of red spots or rashes then it could be an early sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Flaky skin on the nipple and a discharge from the nipple without any stimulation can be the uncommon warning signs of breast cancer.

Also, check for any dimpling or asymmetry in the breast when you raise or stretch your arms. If anything is found abnormal you must check it out with the healthcare provider.

Tenderness in the armpits

Tenderness in the armpits can be a sign of breast cancer. Breast cancer first metastasizes to the axillary lymph nodes that are present in the armpits. Swollen lymph nodes could definitely indicate the presence of a tumor in the breast.  Therefore, if you find any discomfort, pain or tenderness in the armpits, you can suspect it as an uncommon sign of breast cancer and visit the healthcare provider for the further diagnosis.

By the above-presented information, you will now be able to point out the uncommon signs of breast cancer. Many of us notice these signs but usually neglect, assuming it to benormal. But realizing that these can be the signs of breast cancer can help you visit the healthcare provider at the right time, which helps in the right diagnosis and right treatment. Therefore, never neglect the abnormalities in the breast skin, texture, shape. Be alert, protect your breasts!!!!



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