How to improve your sleep naturally

A good night’s rest is something we all crave, but given the flawed lifestyles and many pressures on people, it can be difficult to achieve. Before you resort to medications to ensure sleep, here are some things to try to boost your sleep cycle naturally.


Go to bed at the same time each night


If your body gets accustomed to rest at the same time every night, it starts to build a rhythm. Then, you will find it easier to fall asleep each night. You don’t have to go to bed at 10 pm or midnight either. Just understand how your body works, what time it feels the most awake, and when it feels the need for rest, and create your own sleep schedule.


Manage exposure to light


The body relies on external cues such as light to determine when to rest. Due to exposure to artificial light in the evening, the body’s responses are often confused. Therefore, make it a point to spend time in the sunlight every day. You can sit or exercise outdoors just a few minutes of the day to let the body adjust to the cycle of night and day. At night, or whenever you are planning to sleep, use heavy drapes to block all light. Some people might feel easier with a night lamp, but even these can be detrimental for sleep for many people.


Make your bedroom comfortable


It is important that your body feel comfortable before it is able to rest. This would mean keep it at the right temperatures. During warm weather, let the air conditioner cool the room to the right temperature or you can take a cold shower before getting into bed. During winters, you would want to use layers on the bed for added warmth and if possible, a hot shower before bedtime.


Get checked for medical conditions


Poor health can also cause sleeplessness as the body is uncomfortable through the night. You can find good natural remedies to treat many of these problems. Probiotic foods can treat intestinal discomfort, and you might need to work on ways to reduce stress, if anxieties are keeping you awake all night.


Avoid these foods


Some foods can cause you to stay wide awake. Caffeine is well known for the way it can help you work through a difficult night. However, if you drink tea or coffee before bedtime, it can be harder for you to get to sleep. Some people find it difficult to sleep if they have processed foods or sugary foods in high quantities. Instead, you would want to eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and foods that lack grease or sugar, to ensure best sleep. Some people may be allergic to certain foods, and these can interfere with their sleep pattern.


Avoid TV before bedtime


Some people turn on the TV hoping it will lull them to sleep eventually. This can be a big mistake as the noise and visuals can keep you wide awake through the night. You might try reading a book or listening to soothing music before bedtime so that you can sleep better.



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